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Couplings / Locking assemblies


BAUMANN Flex couplings


BAUMANN Flex couplings are connecting elements which are independent

of the direction of rotation. The radially, axially and angled flexible

couplings can be used for torques up to 900 Nm. Our products stand out

for their longevity and ease of use. All components are made of steel.


Miniflex Couplings


Miniflex couplings are movable on all sides, independent of direction of

rotation and can be used at temperatures up to 120°C.


Miniflex are available in two designs ex stock with different bore sizes.


Bellow Couplings


Bellow couplings are made of plastic bellow and aluminium hubs.

They feature by an accurate transmission of the rotary motion.


Locking assemblies DKWN


Our locking assemblies stand out for their excellent quality and simple

assembly. An ideal tension distribution between shaft and hub, very

good centerability and perfect concentricity are the main features of this

product range.


Are you looking for a specific solution to a torque transmission problem?

Simply contact us and we will help you to find the optimal solution.


Our experts are looking forward to be of assistance to you.